Costume Rental


Costume Rental


Christmas Costume Rental for Performance students only. 

No foundation with these costumes. Please return in the same condition you received.  If a costume is not returned a fee of $200 will be charged to your account.

1:1 Class Protocol:
Please wait in your car until the teacher comes to the door.
Please remember social distancing is in place at all times.
Enter the front door and please remove your shoes. Put your dance shoes on. 
Sanitize your hands with provided hands free sanitizer. 
Proceed to washroom and wash your hands while you sing your favourite song for all to hear. (It’s ok if your not a good singer)
Enter the studio with only your water bottle and hand towel. 
The waiting room is closed. We are asking parents and siblings to please wait in the car. 
Please go to the bathroom prior to leaving the house. 
Wash your hands after class or use the sanitizer provided
What to bring to class:
Your clean indoor dance shoes for what ever discipline you are working on.
1 water bottle full with water
You can bring your phone if you have one. 
1 hand towel to bring into the studio. 
Please do not bring dance bags or any other item. There will be NO lost and found at this time. Please remember to take with you your 3 -4  items home. 
** Disclaimer**
An inherent risk of exposure to Covid-19 exists in any public place where people are present. Although we will take all measures  possible to protect us from this, Covid-19 is and extremely contagious disease that can lead to severer illness and death. 
If you have a fever, cough, difficulty breathing or show any signs of being ill or have in in contact with anyone who is ill please do not come to the studio. Please seek medical attention. By visiting Jennifer’s Jazz It Up you voluntarily assume all risks related to exposure to Covid-19. Jennifer’s Jazz It Up, it’s owners, staff and fellow patrons assume no liability.