Option 1: Shop through our Johnny Brown online store

Dance shoes, tights, shorts, leggings, leotards and more!

Jennifer’s Jazz It Up has carefully selected a range of dancewear, shoes and accessories that will ensure all of our dancers have safe, comfortable and appropriate uniforms when participating in classes. The best part is that you no longer have to drive to the dance boutique, you can order online so it is super easy and convenient to have all of your dance clothing, shoes and accessories shipped right to your home!

Option 2: Shop through our Port Hope dance studio

JJIU dance classes, branded clothing and merchandise

All items below are purchased online through the JJIU website and picked up at the Jennifer's Jazz It Up Port Hope location or ordered through our third party vendor and shipped to your home. Please read item descriptions for more details about item availability, delivery or pick-up options and other important notes!

Dance classes are at the JJIU Port Hope dance studio unless otherwise noted in the description.