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Jennifer’s Jazz It Up is celebrating over 23 years of quality service and dance instruction, serving dancers throughout Northumberland County including Port Hope, Cobourg and surrounding areas. Winner of Best Dance Studio for over 10 consecutive years.

From toddler, pre-ballet, recreational and competitive dance classes there is a program for everyone at JJIU. We are an all inclusive, judgement free, safe and private facility. If you would like to see for yourself what the JJIU one of a kind dance experience is like, contact us anytime to try a FREE class!


ABOUT JJIU Dance Studio

Quality dance instruction since 1999!

Jennifer’s Jazz It Up is tight-knit group of dedicated dance teachers and staff who are devoted to dance. We believe strongly in the physical, mental, and emotional benefits of dance and its positive impact on every aspect of our students’ lives.

Why a Private Training Academy?

As a mother herself, Miss Jennifer fully understands the importance of a safe environment for our children. After many years in the public eye, Miss Jennifer made the wise decision to re-locate to private property, where our dancers are free to come and go without the public watching.

Are We More Expensive?

NO! We just look expensive! In fact, our prices are often LOWER than our competitors! Do your research. Like anything, if you decide to dance at an elite level, the costs add up. At JJIU we know your hard earned money matters. We are always offering discounts and help our parents to best navigate the dance world taking into consideration the best interest of our dance families. As a former banker, Miss Jennifer often views things from a different perspective. She looks for ways to save her dance families time and money.



Build confidence and skills!

There are so many different activities out there to choose from, however very few have as many benefits as dance does. While everyone gets something a little different from dance there many common benefits.

We offer classes for as young as toddlers! Our ONE OF A KIND toddler program has a strong focus on socialization as well as building both fine and gross motor skills. This is a child development class where one parent and the toddler can participate.

Our pre-ballet class is a very special class to us. This is the first class our dancers do all on their own without the aid of a parent. This class helps build independence in your child. In this class they learn the basics in ballet, while using their imaginations to go on magical adventures.

All of our recreational classes are taught in a fun upbeat environment, leaving kids excited to return the following week.

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Strive for excellence!

At Jennifer’s Jazz It Up! Studio of Dance, we are proud of what we do and the impact we have on the lives of our students, teachers and families. We are thrilled to share some of the messages of support we have received over the years.

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Your support and loyalty, truly mean the world to us here at JJIU.

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At JJIU we have been building kids up since 1999!

That’s over 23 years of experience behind us.

At JJIU we teach our classes through a proven approach that encourages self-confidence and imagination in a safe and rewarding environment with experienced, passionate teachers. Jennifer’s Jazz it up! Is a place where kids feel they belong. We are a family! Our attention to detail in everything we do shines through. JJIU is all about providing quality dance instruction in the perfect environment for your young dancer to thrive. From Toddlers to teenagers, we have so many fun and exciting classes.

What you learn from dancing at JJIU

  • You learn to work as a team! Teamwork makes the Dream Work!
  • You have the opportunity to develop leadership skills. At JJIU our older dancers often mentor our younger dancers. This gives them a great foundation for leadership within the team.
  • You learn commitment and accountability. Not just to yourself or your parents but to the team.
  • You learn organizational skills and time management. As a dancer you need to be organized. You need to know which hair bow goes with which costume and need to make sure you have everything packed for all occasions. You learn how to be on time. Call times are very important in dance.
  • You learn to set goals and achieve those goals.
  • You learn to give back to your community. We are proud to be from Port Hope and the Northumberland community and give back where we can.
  • As a JJIU dancer you grow up believing in yourself and that your smile, energy and positive attitude can change the world around you for the better.
As the owner of Dance Attack I have the privilege to work with owner Jen Cafik-Mercer through the year with our events. Jen’s team of students are simply amazing, their are some of the most respectful and caring individuals we have come across in the dance industry. This studio embodies what team spirit, fair play and good sportsmanship is all about. Jen’s vision with studio certainly is well recognized and embraced as they are the prime example of the Wingman for Dance. As a parent myself, this would be the studio I would be looking for to have my children associated with as I know the difference it would make in their lives.

Kent McCord

Director, Dance Attack
As a dancer at JJIU for approximately 12 years, it’s easy to say that JJIU’s welcoming environment consists of enthusiastic staff, many positive attitudes and the most incredible students. JJIU offers many different, quality programs suitable for any child. Great opportunities are open at JJIU, an annual showcase, a fun-filled photoshoot and so many treasured memories! Jennifer’s Jazz It Up has been and always will be my first choice of dance education in Northumberland!
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JJIU Student/Teacher
My daughter has struggled with self-confidence and very much needed an activity that would be “her thing” and help her blossom. Needless to say your studio not only stands for excellence in the art of dance but you have touched her at a level that has moved me as a father. My shy little girl has found a smile and enough confidence to run up to the front of the class without fear. You truly are much more than dance instructors! You are all life skill teachers and truly dedicated to each child that walks through the door as though they were your own. I will gladly make the drive to Port Hope and drive by many other Dance Studio’s because JJIU is so much more than a Dance studio. It truly is an academy of life learning.
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Dance Dad

JJIU Parent
I have had the great honour of working with Jennifer Mercer and her studio Jennifer’s Jazz It Up Studio of Dance on various film productions, stage work and workshops. She has always been such a pleasure to work with always professional, accommodating and at all times artistically diverse. Miss Jennifer has a very dedicated team of dancers who bring such positive energy to any projects that they come in to contact with. Jennifer is a great teacher, director and most importantly an amazing friend who I know I can count on for anything at the drop of a dime. I will continue to work alongside Jen and her team whenever my presence is needed! Thank you for the wonderful times
testimonial by shamier anderson for jennifers jazz it up studio of dance

Shamier Anderson

Guest Teacher/Actor/Music Video Producer


You don’t have to be good to try it! Dance at JJIU is inclusive to anyone! We are here to teach you and help you along the way. You don’t have to walk in the doors as a professional – if you want to learn in a positive and nurturing environment then JJIU is for you!



Dancing is good for your mental health. It releases endorphins and that make you feel good! Dance is also fabulous for your memory. While your teaching your body to do a sequence of moves you are also training your brain in memory work. Dancers often know several dances at any one time and hold onto those series of movements for years to come.



At JJIU we are all about empowering our dancers full of confiDANCE! We want them to hold their head up high and be proud of who they are and where they come from. We encourage them, inspire them and give them opportunities to shine bright like the stars they are!



That’s always the most important. If your not having fun, chances are you won’t want to go and wont’ put as much effort into it. It feels good. To listen to the music and get your body moving.



Choose your favourite, or try them all! There's a perfect dance class for every age and ability!




Hip Hop


Toddler Development

Tiny & Mini Comp



About JJIU

Dance is not a competition,
it’s a passion!

Established in 1999, Jennifer's Jazz It Up is a tight-knit group of dedicated teachers and staff who are devoted to dance. We believe strongly in the physical, mental, and emotional benefits of dance and its positive impact on every aspect of our students lives.

Beginning with students as young as 3, we offer classes in all types of dance including Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Hip Hop, Acro and Musical Theatre that cater to every level of interest and ability. From our weekly recreation classes to our comprehensive competitive training program, each one of our students is supported and encouraged to take their passion for dance as far as they desire.

Our students have many opportunities to share their talents and build their confidence inside and outside the classroom through community events, charity initiatives, and our year-end gala recital. Many of our older students are invited to be classroom assistants and go on to teach in our program.

Jennifer’s Jazz It Up is a 100% positive environment. We strive for excellence in a culture of upbeat encouragement where every student is energized, inspired and motivated to bring out the best in themselves.

We love what we do. We love our students, and you will love being part of our studio family!

Jennifer Mercer


Miss Jennifer has dedicated her life to growing her dancers on and off the stage. Miss Jennifer has had a love for dance since she was a little girl. As a young child she also competed in gymnastics and trampoline. Miss Jennifer is a mother of 2 boys. Her experience of being a mom helps her to understand what it is like to drop your kids off at activities such as dance. Experiencing for herself and seeing the impact that good coaches and teachers can have on her own kids vs. not so great coaches has fueled Miss Jennifer to create the BEST enviroment for her dance students. She makes it her passion to to offer lessons that inspire and build our JJIU dancers confidence. The quality of our classes, choreography, costumes and merchandise are second to none. Over 23 years of experience have molded JJIU into the fabulous place it is today. At Jennifer’s Jazz It Up our entire staff is dedicated to giving our students the best possible dance experience in a professional, nurturing environment. We are here to assist our families and ensure that everyone enjoys their time at Jennifer’s Jazz It Up, if there is anything we can do to improve your experience, please let us know!

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